A Clockwork Orange – Penguin Design Award.


First step: a basic line drawing…



Many steps later: a snippet of the final book cover…


Drug ‘laced’ milk.

With the Penguin Design Award deadline looming, I told myself to get my entry finished for ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and have all the final details added in time. After many hours in front of my computer screen, it’s pretty much there! Typography is my downfall but the current type is only temporary and will probably be replaced with hand drawn lettering.

I loved making this lace trim design for my entry, incorporating a few elements from the book and making a big contrast for a striking cover.


Penguin Book Awards.


‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’

A while ago, I submitted a design to the Penguin Book Awards and recently found one of my experimental images.

I created the image using cut out pieces of felt, scanning them in to Photoshop, and layering line drawings over the top.

I loved experimenting with different shapes and colours for this, as well as using a completely different material than what I’m used to.